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Product launch in 2021

New elemental sulphur technology delivers superior particle size and dispersion

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Sultech Global Innovation Corp. based in Calgary and Crossfield, Alberta, Canada is commercializing a proprietary technology (patent pending) and related intellectual property for converting elemental sulphur to a plant nutrient micronized elemental sulphur suspension and soil amendment.

Sultech’s proprietary micronization process creates a product that unlocks the potential of elemental sulphur through superior particle size and dispersion. It is designed to be applied through current conventional crop chemical and nutrient spray systems, liquid kits or as a granular product.

Sultech launched our unique product line in 2021

Sulphur is an important nutrient for high crop yields and sustainable food production. Sulphur deficiencies have increased in agricultural due to increased sulphur removal by high-yield, high-uptake crops, along with stricter controls on atmospheric sulphur from industrial emissions.

Sultech takes elemental sulphur, an abundant by-product of the energy sector, and turns it into a sprayable micronized Plant Nutrient Sulphur (PNS) and soil amendment for improved soil health, crop quality and yields.